Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Endings Ornaments-Glass Blowing Demonstration

To see how Ken and Linda Perrin blow cheerful ornaments click on the video clip below!!! Thank you for showing and selling our work!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shop for Atlantic Art Glass Nov. 29 & 30

We're Old Fashioned around here, even if we are cool glass blowers. In keeping with this, we will begin our Christmas shows/exhibits after Thanksgiving...
After the big feast, come on out and find our sparkley, charming glass gift creations. We'll be at TWO craft fairs on Saturday. Ken Perrin will be going solo Saturday in Cambridge, MA at the Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair. Saturday,November 29, 10am -7pm and Sunday, November 30, 12-6pm. And I, Linda Perrin, will be in Portsmouth, NH at the Designing Women Show Saturday the 29th, 9am-4pm. We are looking forward to both shows, just like the song make new friends and keep the old, I hope that one is silver and the other gold....PLUS We have been making some truly heart felt work for you to find and give to whom ever needs a pick me up this winter. We have traditional Christmas ornaments made only the way we do, ...oil lamps to warm and lighten your heart/home, tumblers you can fill to the brim with holiday cheer...
and some special vases I made this week while musing about Florence Italy, Ah, Firenze a place where I first indulged my artistic tendencies, the aesthetics of which ring so purely in my heart that all aspirations, I think, when made Florentine can even enhance things like.... eggs. so imagine what I can do with GLASS. here's a sneak peek at what I'm talkin' about....."bella", no?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exciting Ellsworth Arts Scene / Glass Etc.

Spirits Lifting! What a wonderful Holiday Season we can have this year. Values are shifting and priorities are coming into focus. As this cultural shift begins to take shape in this extraordinary new era, I am finding that the artisan is regaining importance in our lives. The local glass blower, fiber artist, bread baker, farmer, woodworker etc... are beginning to be the "go to" person for our special needs. as in people who have special occasions and loved ones in their life.
When you have a big birthday for a best friend, or the wedding of folks for whom you are hoping the best, or an anniversary of your own beloved but sometimes hard fought union. What special heirloom quality gift do you want to present? I am finding that people are beginning to feel embarrassed about buying something made in china or elsewhere for these occasions or for their own home and needs. And this all spells out a time of appreciation for the local artisan, and American made products. So as spirits begin to lift out of the overconsumption of crap made cheaply, remember to look for the perseverant artist and artisan who has been a beacon of belief in the higher order of things and has been asking for change long before it became fashionable...
•Atlantic Art Glass, 25 Pine St., Ellsworth: Glassblowing Demonstrations, Open Studio + refreshments, Saturdays , 10am to 2pm•
SevenArts Gallery,

"Responses to Maine" November, 2008
Beth Lambert / Landscape Paintings
& Jan Whalen / Handknits
Harlow Gallery,
Maine Grind Building 192 Main Street, Ellsworth
Grand Opening, November