Monday, September 19, 2016

Maine Crafts Apprenticeship Program


In March of 2016 Linda Perrin was chosen as a Master/Mentor in the Crafts Apprenticeship Program by the Maine Crafts Association, and Maine Arts Commission

This statewide apprentice program for contemporary craft practitioners offers concentrated peer-to-peer learning experiences for apprentices who demonstrate a commitment to further their abilities as specialized craft practitioners through this opportunity to foster a significant relationship with a master artist. The program celebrates the role of the master/apprentice relationship as a way to generate creative entrepreneurship through the cultural sector. And Linda Perrin of Atlantic Art Glass is happy to be recognized for accomplishemnts to this end in her long career as a glass artist in the state of Maine. 

Jacquelyn Jenson a recent graduate of College of the Atlantic was chosen as Linda's apprentice. 
To close the program, all artists participate in an exhibition at a highly attended venue. Maine Magazine is the 2016 exclusive magazine sponsor of the program’s inaugural exhibition Masters & Apprentices: Work from Maine’s Craft Apprentice Program, on view at LAArts October 6-November 7, 2016 and featuring work created by master and apprentice artists in 2016. The public is invited to an opening reception for the exhibition from 4-7pm on October 6.

Lots happening in October!

October = Saturday blown glass pumpkin making demonstrations!!
Well as always we get pretty fired up in the fall. The furnaces get turned on after a 6-8 week summer break. This time of the year we open our studio on Saturdays from 10am-2pm for glassblowing demonstrations. And October is especially fun because we make lot's of pumpkins!
If you visit you might notice that all the colors outside begin to reflect the colors of our hot shop inside. No one can deny that the cool weather makes us extra happy to gather around the fires to make glass. 

Saturday October 1 from 10-4 we will be celebrating Maine Craft Weekend.  
We and our team of glass blowers will create blown glass right before your very eyes. 
For a festive twist on the day of celebrating craft, the studio of Atlantic Art Glass will be turned into a glass pumpkin patch as molten glass is gathered out of the furnace, blown and hand formed into pumpkins on the end of a blowpipe. The warmth of the fiery arts, the gallery bedecked with fall color, and the making of a blown glass pumpkins charms visitors of all ages.
As a special treat you will meet the talented and hard working Jacquelyn Jenson, who is the 2016 Maine Craft Apprentice Program recipient. Get a sneak peak at her delightful blown glass work as she finalizes her seven month apprenticeship with master glass blower, Linda Perrin.

Thursday October 6th 4pm-7pm LA Arts, Lewiston, ME
The public is invited to an opening reception for the exhibition Masters and Apprentices: Work from Maine's Craft Apprenticeship Program 
LA Arts, 221 Lisbon st. Lewiston, Maine