Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summah !!

Summer is here, it really feels like it. The sound of road work stimulates the air and infuriates travelers. Greens have become deeper, richer in the filled out trees brimming with birdsong. Ahhh, and walking around barefoot or in flip flops is second nature again. Sigh
The Studio, ahhh the studio , all the windows are open all day long, from the earliest mornings starting at 6am until twilight when we visit with friendly neighbors passing by for one reason or another. The gallery is filled with pedestals of the latest blown glass work. Shimmering and telling the story of our lives. Since the move from Hulls Cove, the palette of our work has changed. The ocean inspired glass remains but now garden colors have appeared. I don't always realize why I make something until after it appears, how it is a reflection of my life, of it's beauty.
And the visitors to our gallery have cheerfully returned, with encouragement beyond what ever the latest dismal news may be. The appreciation for our work and the purchases that prove it are really uplifting. One woman filled two big bags with glass, saying she was buying all her Christmas presents with us. Whoa..but let's not get ahead of ourselves, it is Summah and I want it to last...
Photos to come...we have been blowing lots of our own work after the stimulating joy of teaching and will catch you all up on that front anon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transparency-COA-Glass Exhibit

Final Project Review

At the end of the introduction to glass blowing class taught in our studio through the College of the Atlantic, the final sculpture projects were due. The creative process had run it's course and the assignments to incorporate a large orb, or what is termed a glass blank into an expressive glass sculpture were handed in. During the term I emphasized glass art history, glassblowing technique (through rigorous glassblowing exercises making basic shapes) and individual expression. For the final sculptures, we explored the skills the students already had and tried to incorporate and combine them with new glass working techniques, both cold and hot, into the pieces you will see below. Emphasizing the importance of documenting one's art work we took "professional" photos of the work in the class room as the pieces were being introduced by the students and critiqued by their peers. AND finally the fulfillment of the creative process was an exhibit of the work at the Great Hall of Turrets on commencement day at the end of the spring term. Please enjoy the following as you would a catalogue from any fine art exhibit as the work of the students of AD4391, COA's Introduction to Glassblowing with Linda Perrin is truly of the highest caliber.

Cosmic Broccoli
Jacob Weisberg

Andrew Curtis

Fiber Glass
Rebecah Wartell

Lotus Lines
Kelly Enberg

Catch of the Day
Alex Carpenter

Clava Thessara Infinitas
William Eckley

Stephen Byrne

These artists made their parents, the college and me very proud.
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