Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year End Highlights

Working TOGETHER!!!

Inspiring the NEXT Generation!

Teaching at College of the Atlantic.

Sharing with family...
Our Aunt!

Our NEICE!!!

Remembering what is really important.

Discovering Quebec!

Bringing it to our community!

Ken's dad Steve Perrin receives high honors.

steve perrin daughter inlaw linda and son ken maine
Well hasn't it been special?

Monday, December 7, 2009

The 3rd Ward

Woo hoo, we are showing our handmade blown glass at the 3rd Ward in Brooklyn this week-end. We will have lots of pretty ornaments, our unique wearable blown glass jewelry, and other great gift items. So remember "Buy Handblown" this Holiday season.

Make an event out of holiday shopping this year at

The Handmade Holiday Craft Fair
Where giving really is better than receiving
195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Double Show week-end

Island Arts Association-Bar Harbor

Friday, Dec. 4, , 9am – 5pm Saturday Dec 5, 9am-3pm
Atlantic Oceanside Hotel, 119 eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
The Island Arts Association sponsor this intimate showing of great affordable work by innovative local artisans and donate a portion of proceeds to a local charity. Great show-great group, lotsa fun& feels good! Linda and Ken will feature blown glass Christmas ornaments in myriad colors, as well as their latest one of a kind creations of vases, bowls, and paperweights and last but not least the ever popular VERY UNIQUE blown glass bead jewelry.

The Harvard Square Holiday Crafts Fair is one of the most popular fairs in Boston.
Held at the First Parish Unitarian Church, at the corner of Mass. Ave and Church Street.
December 5th and 6th
Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12--6
Ken and Linda will be showing and selling their work this Saturday and Sunday. And will feature blown glass Christmas ornaments in myriad colors, lot's of holiday gift items such as oil lamps and fun drinking glasses, as well as their latest one of a kind creations ie: vases, bowls, and paperweights. Not to be missed the VERY UNIQUE, very popular, blown glass bead jewelry. Come see us in the big city, we will be happy to see a friendly face!

Friday, October 30, 2009



Lively necklace of blown glass
online shop

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hoping to blow glass!

For the last month the furnace has been off but soon we will return to hot glass stories and adventures but in the mean time this was a delightful little adventure.

Recently I drove down to Rockland to meet with Frances, the buyer of fine Maine made products for the Farnsworth Museum shop. Happy discovery was that the Robert Indiana show dates have been extended. Instead of ending on October 25 it will continue through the better part of the winter. Now all the busy Mainers who haven't had the chance to see things during the summer season will be able to get their butts over there to see, Robert Indiana and the Star of Hope.
It's easy to combine business and pleasure, so after a lovely sunny meeting in the garden discussing an online museum shop and a project to create an exclusive design of blown glass jewelry for the Farnsworth ... (More about this later!)
We headed down to In Good Company a beautiful little bistro with great "nibbles" and refreshing wine choices. Nothing like a Portuguese white to accompany a late lunch. Frances gave me some new roasted kale recipes, and in true artsy form, she knew the inside scoop regarding the artist whose work hung on the walls..-Rockland has the amazing ability to make you feel like you are sitting in an old gas lit cafe in Paris at the turn of a century experiencing world class cultural phenomena through small town gossip. Really a great community, intimate and far reaching, unpretentious and hip. --All in all a fun productive Day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eepy Bird!!

Maine is so cool! I got to meet Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz of Eepy Bird two performers of Oddfellow Theater in Bucksfield Maine who became the Rock Stars of a viral video involving Mentos and Coke. This meeting took place at Haystack's Creating in Maine Symposium. the 24 hours were jam packed with some of the most amazing Mainers! Artists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. A pretty yummy and encouraging mix of like minded and supportive people. Fritz and Stephen gave a presentation about their creative process. Just what happens between experiment #1 and the famous Experiment #137. The amount of time they spend with the (ordinary) object of their current musings, the notes they take and .... the laughs. They also spoke about the special quality of Maine and how they choose to live where they do because of their community. To this I can relate, the place and people here combine to make, pardon the expression, ...the way life should be... I hope to cultivate the relationships that were made at the Haystack session, to look further into the interesting information presented in bits and snippets during the petchakutcha or slide slam...but now, .... on to getting ready for Common Ground Fair ...yippee, more good times and good folks showing their truly good work. ...see you there!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Northeast Harbor, Invitational Crafts Show

Don't miss it this is one of the best showings of our work all year.
The third annual Neighborhood House Invitational Arts and Crafts Show will take place August 13, 2-7 PM; August 14, 10-7:00; and August 15, 10-5 PM

Go to for more info!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dancing with Fire

Guest post by Rachel Addie, niece of the Perrin's and summer visitor/sweat laborer...
As a Texan, born in the heart of Dallas (where the temperature varies between eternal damnation and sauna), I'm probably more comfortable in the face of fire than the average Mainer... or so I like to think. But I was still trembling as I was handed my first glob of glass on the end of the puntil. And I'll be completely honest - I screamed when I completed my first "paperweight.
" It's a dangerous dance with a blazing partner, and you don't have any time to stop and think - you just go. The glass is always cooling, always hardening, becoming less and less malleable. The entire process is like a free fall. You can't stop. Once you get going, you go until your glass item leaves that pipe. And dance really is a good word for it, because it's so similar to music. It's a fast-paced sort of thing, but it's a combination of songwriting and performing. You plan out your piece, and then you go. But when you pull out that piece and see it for the first time at room temperature, it's all worth it. It's a jewel, a transformation of all your discomfort and sweat.
A tangible representation of something I believe - suffering produces beauty, a gentle spirit. Well, the first attempt wasn't exactly beauty, but it was a cute little thing. It's the one on the left. I call it the "Crystal Turd".The one on the right is my second attempt, and I liked that one. :) So yeah, that's all for now. I faced the furnace today, a giant box of flaming death, and survived. I call that success.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hummin' along

Just in case it gets hot and feels like summer, I have been getting up early to blow glass with Nate Parker on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The pace is always good and the quiet time before all gets bustling is lovely.
Well last week on Thursday the day started out as usual, but ended in what we are fondly calling a magical moment. I blew, it got hot, I had help preparing for the upcoming Maine Crafts Guild show. all was well and good, that is until, the humming bird entered the scene. It rose to the top of the hot hot ceiling and fluttered there unsuccessfully trying to escape. Pushing it's tiny head against the ceiling like a fly against a window no progress could be made. I have seen this before sometimes bees or in this case humming birds go after our glass because of it's vibrant colors. I think they mistake it for blooms or something tasty. When a humming bird gets caught inside it will flap it's wings, invisibly quick until it just can't flap any longer. In exhaustion it will finally careen to the ground. This is what began to happen only I caught it in Ken's hat before it fell. We all began running outside as though filled with the birds passion for open space. Running outside, I grabbed a ribbon, and requested some sugar water, Ken obliged.
Lying in the hat in the garden we gathered around the poor little humming appeared nearly expired. I offered it the sugar water dipped ribbon and it's beak opened to reveal a hair thin tongue which licked the small droplet it contained. Yippee, he righted himself. We offering the sugar water repeatedly and wondered if it was sweet energy seemed to return to the iridescent fairy bird. Rachel got it into her head to dip her finger into the residual sugar on the bottom of the cup, and gather some crystals up under her nail. This she gently offered. A humming bird drinking from your finger?!?! Have you ever imagined such a thing? The tingle and tickle of the teeeeeny tongue lapping at the sweet finger. Blink blink and a snap of the camera, another blink and the creature flew up and away. Happily we watched the empty sky, after it's flight. Had that really just happened, had we seen the tongue, the green feathered body the trusting eyes had we been giant flowers for a moment? Rachel called it a magical moment. Truly it was.

Texas to Maine

The current time is about 12:30 AM - and I have just arrived at Atlantic Art Glass Studio in Ellsworth, Maine. It's where I'll be staying for the next three weeks.

I really love it here in New England. The air is so fresh because A) fresh ocean air blows in from the sea and B) there are massive amounts of trees around here. And the trees are spectacular :D

My aunt and uncle are glass blowers, they make art out of hot melted glass. Pictures to come, but I have to say they're gorgeous. They have some glass cups in their kitchen and it's kinda cool to be drinking out of my aunt and uncle's artwork!

Well, I'm about to go to bed, it's been a super long day of traveling through three, four states. Plane trip was three hours, driving was four.

Fresh Face!

Well the calendar says it is "Summer" but it is feeling like it only in fits and starts. I am wearing a Gap tee shirt that says something like "Time is an Invention" and it seems ultra true right now. Months and days have names, hours line up, but really if you look around everything is so fresh and original that no amount of quantifying or counting can change it. June with 23 days of rain, July was nearly the same, with continued soft gray, ominous skies. But now the calendar turns to August. Surely a switch will be flipped and the sun will shine and swimming will begin. I wonder though, does the sky know the page has been turned and a new beginning should deliver our expectations? I mean it's time already isn't it? Hmmmmm? Perhaps time is an invention, one meant to numb us and help us through the ever new. One where we can "I know" it away if we call it by it's name. Five o'clock, lunch time, 3:30, Monday, TGIF, --August.... Well what ever you call it the days around her are fresh as a daisy, and an inner sun is shining since we have a had the great honor to host a new visitor to Atlantic Art Glass, glass blowing studio.
Drum role for the new adventures chronicled here
of our niece, Rachel-Addie. Her fresh and inspiring perspective is enough to charm the hurried humming'll see what i mean, check back for more posts, soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary

We are celebrating our first year of blogging today! Thanks for paying attention to any part of it. We have had e-visitors from Singapore to Somerville and have enjoyed sharing our adventures with everyone and their grandparents. It has been a joy to share our glass making with the public in our studio as well as over the internet.Today being a special day I took some random photos around the shop to mark the occasion. Ken blew glass today. We had a great crew on board with newby, Emily Lyons one of Ellsworth's very own darling daughters.
Katie Dube was in the studio clearly a vital helper
....whose motto is better late than never.
We even had the ethereal Martin Brief in the shop, he is responsible for our great web site yippee. But as usual all the rainy day visitors enjoyed seeing Serafina the wonder dog (and door bell) as much as as they did the hot glass.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tough Stuff

Check out this article on architectural glass. Great reading as Ken and I weld up some glass and steel, sculptural pieces this week. Sparkling, beautiful and enduring.

As Unbreakable as ... Glass?

Sally Ryan for The New York Times

A CLEAR VIEW A project lets visitors see all angles from the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Builders are experimenting with new materials and methods to expand the use of glass in construction.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Growing gills, in search of sunshine.

I always say that the only people happy with the cool grey weather in the summer are the glass blowers, it makes dealing with the heat so much easier. BUT,
22 days of solid rain in June, and "Summah" enthusiasm has shifted to salty walks through fog, and my flip flops are more like squish flops...
I can only assume all this rain is what has inspired the glass I am blowing these days---up from the depths comes the notion of creatures who are comfortable with so much WATER.
Mer people!
It's fun to think that something so fiery hot can evoke something so cool and watery, but in the melting pot of my life it's the only way to do it! --and really rather than trying to figure out where this handsome devil came from I am just enjoying his visit, and happy he swam out of my furnace.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summah !!

Summer is here, it really feels like it. The sound of road work stimulates the air and infuriates travelers. Greens have become deeper, richer in the filled out trees brimming with birdsong. Ahhh, and walking around barefoot or in flip flops is second nature again. Sigh
The Studio, ahhh the studio , all the windows are open all day long, from the earliest mornings starting at 6am until twilight when we visit with friendly neighbors passing by for one reason or another. The gallery is filled with pedestals of the latest blown glass work. Shimmering and telling the story of our lives. Since the move from Hulls Cove, the palette of our work has changed. The ocean inspired glass remains but now garden colors have appeared. I don't always realize why I make something until after it appears, how it is a reflection of my life, of it's beauty.
And the visitors to our gallery have cheerfully returned, with encouragement beyond what ever the latest dismal news may be. The appreciation for our work and the purchases that prove it are really uplifting. One woman filled two big bags with glass, saying she was buying all her Christmas presents with us. Whoa..but let's not get ahead of ourselves, it is Summah and I want it to last...
Photos to come...we have been blowing lots of our own work after the stimulating joy of teaching and will catch you all up on that front anon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transparency-COA-Glass Exhibit

Final Project Review

At the end of the introduction to glass blowing class taught in our studio through the College of the Atlantic, the final sculpture projects were due. The creative process had run it's course and the assignments to incorporate a large orb, or what is termed a glass blank into an expressive glass sculpture were handed in. During the term I emphasized glass art history, glassblowing technique (through rigorous glassblowing exercises making basic shapes) and individual expression. For the final sculptures, we explored the skills the students already had and tried to incorporate and combine them with new glass working techniques, both cold and hot, into the pieces you will see below. Emphasizing the importance of documenting one's art work we took "professional" photos of the work in the class room as the pieces were being introduced by the students and critiqued by their peers. AND finally the fulfillment of the creative process was an exhibit of the work at the Great Hall of Turrets on commencement day at the end of the spring term. Please enjoy the following as you would a catalogue from any fine art exhibit as the work of the students of AD4391, COA's Introduction to Glassblowing with Linda Perrin is truly of the highest caliber.

Cosmic Broccoli
Jacob Weisberg

Andrew Curtis

Fiber Glass
Rebecah Wartell

Lotus Lines
Kelly Enberg

Catch of the Day
Alex Carpenter

Clava Thessara Infinitas
William Eckley

Stephen Byrne

These artists made their parents, the college and me very proud.
colleges in maine, glass blowing art