Friday, July 3, 2009

Growing gills, in search of sunshine.

I always say that the only people happy with the cool grey weather in the summer are the glass blowers, it makes dealing with the heat so much easier. BUT,
22 days of solid rain in June, and "Summah" enthusiasm has shifted to salty walks through fog, and my flip flops are more like squish flops...
I can only assume all this rain is what has inspired the glass I am blowing these days---up from the depths comes the notion of creatures who are comfortable with so much WATER.
Mer people!
It's fun to think that something so fiery hot can evoke something so cool and watery, but in the melting pot of my life it's the only way to do it! --and really rather than trying to figure out where this handsome devil came from I am just enjoying his visit, and happy he swam out of my furnace.

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