Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Land and Sea

EXHIBITION “LAND AND SEA” June 17th to July 29th,


An opening for the artist was held June 17th from 4-8pm

In the show, “Land and Sea” Rebecca Krupke teams up with Ken and Linda Perrin of Atlantic Art Glass to explore the idea of solids and liquids within their artistic mediums. Whether captured on canvas through images of the land and sea or formed from molten glass, both are interconnected with the landscapes and seascapes that drive their artistic works.

This is the first exhibit for Krupke in the Ellsworth region; the exhibit will feature over a dozen original oil paintings intermingled with the Perrin’s glasswork.

Rebecca has shown in over twenty International Juried Exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Italy.

She received a grant in 2003 from the Printmakers' Council of Charlottetown to be an artist-in-residence and subsequently spent six months in Prince Edward Island, Canada producing a concentrated body of prints, paintings and drawings.

In March 2007, Rebecca exhibited at the Galleria Sottoportego in conjunction with the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy. As a Visiting Artist, Krupke taught courses on mono-printing techniques.

Her work concentrates on a moment in time. Drastic control of light sets a mood in the viewer.

Preparing for this show Krupke says,“Light casts life, sparkling, casting shadows and shining...Oil paintings and glasswork are liquids slipping into solids. Both reflect nature, and personal connections and both are elements of the earth taking new shape through the artists’ vision."

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