Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eepy Bird!!

Maine is so cool! I got to meet Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz of Eepy Bird two performers of Oddfellow Theater in Bucksfield Maine who became the Rock Stars of a viral video involving Mentos and Coke. This meeting took place at Haystack's Creating in Maine Symposium. the 24 hours were jam packed with some of the most amazing Mainers! Artists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. A pretty yummy and encouraging mix of like minded and supportive people. Fritz and Stephen gave a presentation about their creative process. Just what happens between experiment #1 and the famous Experiment #137. The amount of time they spend with the (ordinary) object of their current musings, the notes they take and .... the laughs. They also spoke about the special quality of Maine and how they choose to live where they do because of their community. To this I can relate, the place and people here combine to make, pardon the expression, ...the way life should be... I hope to cultivate the relationships that were made at the Haystack session, to look further into the interesting information presented in bits and snippets during the petchakutcha or slide slam...but now, .... on to getting ready for Common Ground Fair ...yippee, more good times and good folks showing their truly good work. ...see you there!