Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh Face!

Well the calendar says it is "Summer" but it is feeling like it only in fits and starts. I am wearing a Gap tee shirt that says something like "Time is an Invention" and it seems ultra true right now. Months and days have names, hours line up, but really if you look around everything is so fresh and original that no amount of quantifying or counting can change it. June with 23 days of rain, July was nearly the same, with continued soft gray, ominous skies. But now the calendar turns to August. Surely a switch will be flipped and the sun will shine and swimming will begin. I wonder though, does the sky know the page has been turned and a new beginning should deliver our expectations? I mean it's time already isn't it? Hmmmmm? Perhaps time is an invention, one meant to numb us and help us through the ever new. One where we can "I know" it away if we call it by it's name. Five o'clock, lunch time, 3:30, Monday, TGIF, --August.... Well what ever you call it the days around her are fresh as a daisy, and an inner sun is shining since we have a had the great honor to host a new visitor to Atlantic Art Glass, glass blowing studio.
Drum role for the new adventures chronicled here
of our niece, Rachel-Addie. Her fresh and inspiring perspective is enough to charm the hurried humming'll see what i mean, check back for more posts, soon.

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