Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maine art glass-BEGINNERS

Well we've really started something here. The ice is inches deep outside and the temperature just keeps plummeting, but in the hot shop at 25 Pine we are toasty warm. In this "bohemian vacation" we focus on all the information one needs to override the primitive response that happens when we get hit by 2000 degrees of hot glass (namely running away--willy-nilly). The 2009 winter glass blowing class has begun and it is off to a good start. Ken and I taught the dance steps one needs to gather glass effectively out of the said, 2150 degree furnace, get it to the work bench, and begin to use the ancient tools (some that have'nt changed since 50 BC) to fashion this gooey dangerous stuff into the sparkles we desire. Congratulations to our very full class!!! No one got hurt, and we have laid a good foundation on which to begin our glass journey. A point I always like to make, is how lucky we are to be able to dive right into the glass here in this class. For centuries in so many places, like Venice and the Czech Republic, places with long glass blowing histories, a glass worker would have to sweep the floors and assist a master for years and years before actually getting to make anything themselves. Yeah American Art Glass Movement!! We are free! and Yes we can>
ooops that's from something else...

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