Sunday, March 28, 2010

Santa Fe Glass

As Ken and I continue our vacation
here in Santa Fe, we find ourselves pulled back to the hot shop of friend Patrick Morrissey, Prairie Dog Glass. There we had the pleasure of meeting Ira Lujan (pictured to the right, his work to the left). His work stood out at the IAIA shop so it was great to meet him and see him in action in the hot shop one afternoon. As usual however the greatest fun was trying out the hot shop and making a little glass of our own. After bumping our heads on low hanging vents and offering up a couple of bubbles to the glass gods we got the hang of the new shop, had fun with the cool (hot) torches and even picked up some tips about how to spray titanium on the glass for a cool iridescent finish.

Linda Perrin and Patrick Morrissey

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Andrew said...

I love the guys at Jackelope in Santa Fe. What a great place to blow glass!