Sunday, June 27, 2010

So come and enlighten my gaze..

I've known a Heaven, like a Tent —
To wrap its shining Yards —
Pluck up its stakes, and disappear —
Without the sound of Boards
Or Rip of Nail — Or Carpenter —
But just the miles of Stare —
That signalize a Show's Retreat —
In North America —
No Trace — no Figment of the Thing
That dazzled, Yesterday,
No Ring — no Marvel —
Men, and Feats —
Dissolved as utterly —
As Bird's far Navigation
Discloses just a Hue —
A plash of Oars, a Gaiety —
Then swallowed up, of View.
Emily Dickinson

These ladies arrived at the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival each wearing pieces of blown glass jewelry that I had made. Many necklaces or earrings were made many years ago. It was so encouraging and uplifting to see their smiling supportive faces on a late summer day. They were having fun together and included me in it. Happily they updated their collections by purchasing some of my newest pieces!!
I still smile to remember their support.
What a beauty no? This is Mary Jo Brink of the Hartstone Inn and Hideaway. A fantastic place just steps from downtown Camden. Her husband Micheal Salmon is an award winning chef who hosted the late Julia Childs no less. They are Venusians of the highest order (lovers and makers of Beauty) and we are always happy to get a little visit from them at the Harbor Arts Fine Craft show in Camden (coming up Oct. 2&3, 2010). Here Mary Jo models a piece she purchased form us this summer. It was a wonderful moment to see a favorite piece come to life on such a delightful person.
For an artist watching your work go out into the world, taking on a life of its own, this is the best!! It is created from my pallet of creative materials and becomes part of the pallet of the muse who now owns it. Now she can pull it out and use in when the moment arises to compliment her own creative flair and individual appearance. Joy!

At the Common Ground Country Fair artisans from the state show their work to over 40,000 people during the third weekend of September. On Fridays local school children are encouraged to interview us. Here Samantha and Cory ask probing questions about the inspiration for the work. They were a bright spot, during the fair. Although we work hard to sell our work at this fair, so much of what happens during this event has nothing to do with selling but rather connecting and exchanging energy with our community. :D

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