Friday, October 29, 2010


We are having the most beautiful fall! it is lasting forever- the golds, acid greens and vibrant reds are above and below!
I am feeling such harmony with the season, and the excited colorful leaves blowing around like party goers celebrating the cycle of life.
Well in the spirit of the season I did some raking-- but not leaves. I raked glass into pretty swirly feather patterned lines of "Linda" colors.
After a long spell of having the furnace off for a variety of reasons. including being a bit more environmental (lowering our carbon footprint) and a bit more economically efficient, we are blowing again. It just plain feels good to be back in the hot shop. It is nice though, how idealism and capitalism are no longer mutually exclusive!! I love all the talk and action about more sustainable business practices and folks understanding the importance of buying local, and even better looking for locally made.

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Dee Roberts said...

Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this piece with us. Dee (