Monday, May 23, 2011

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.

Ken in Erica Gordon's Class
Michael Cullen preparing a "pyroglyph" on wood.
HMS0C is located about 45 minutes from where we live. It is on beautiful Deer Isle here in Maine.
It is a magical place, and idyllic place, an inspiring place. Artists come from all All ALL over the world to study with each other.

Linda in her wood working class.
Every spring, a course is offered in alliance with the brilliant Maine Crafts Association, an organization determined to further the artistic opportunities for the artisan in Maine.
Although this program has been going on for a million years... Ken and I have never attended, that is, ....not until this year.
We had always been encumbered by the usual "artist making a living" syndrome. "Ooooh we are too busy" etc. And Glass blowing is never offered in the spring....
But do you know what? Who cares? We went to learn about other mediums!!
Ken studied with Erica Gordon, a real pistol ready to bring blacksmithing into the future!

The cool metal components Ken create during his work shop.
And my instructor was Michael Cullen, who taught us how to sharpen our wood tools and then how to use them! Wood carving, who knew it would feel like doing cookies in a chevy, Chevette on an icy parking lot? I am hooked!
I know it seems like because I do glass every day, my muse should be fat and happy, but I need a "hobby" and playing with wood is like coming full circle for me since I cut my artisan chops many years ago building furniture for Cheryl Riley.
Ken and I had a fantastic time, and have vowed we will never miss this opportunity again!
Enjoy the photos below,(all photos were taken by Judith Paolini author of the Inspired Gardens) and go to Haystack any chance you get!!!
John Clark with a draw knife, my new favorite tool.

The camaraderie is the best!
Giving thanks indeed!


Anonymous said...

Great post! There is really nothing like being at Haystack and giving yourself the freedom to explore a medium different from the one you usually work. It looks like you guys had a great time.
How's the new heating system? (hee hee hee....)

Anonymous said...

Haystack sounds enlightening, fun, and like good times. Glad you were able to participate in it. Hugs, Ken C.