Monday, May 28, 2012

Finishing Strong! COA Class week 9

Time Flies! We had our last studio class on Saturday and it was a productive, exciting day. Also, just a little sad because it was our last 
studio time all together.
Everyone made the most of it and the final projects are looking great.
With so much happening it was all hands on deck, and we had valuable help from glass blower Derrick Seckulich who worked with the students on the hot shop floor as well as offering advice on fabrication issues. 
Thanks Derrick!

This course has concentrated on two approaches. The first is a technique oriented instruction, where one learns to wrangle molten glass on the end of a blow pipe. The second is one that encourages the students to "think outside the bubble", to manipulate the glass in any manner imaginable to express a sculptural form. We have had lessons and demonstrations on cold working techniques; cutting, sand blasting and grinding, as well as warm glass manipulations; blowing, slumping, casting.

ON CENTER  an Exhibition of FINAL SCULPTURE projects 
will take place on campus at COA at the 
Blum Gallery courtyard 
Saturday, June 2nd 10-5.

Hope the following images whet your appetite to attend the show. 

Check out the following images.
The photos show all the skills that glass blowing and artistry requires, and how far the students have come in their explorations!


Keeping it on center.

Playing with metaphor, the glass, the muse and an excellent use of the sketchbook

invites transformation!

A balanced approach between the artisan and the artist!

a sense of adventure...and a willingness to surprise oneself!

...a well thought out plan anda jump suit....

 Big Kilns, little kilns, heat of all types, combined with great ideas= cool hot glass!

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Inspirational stuff! Thanks for taking the time to share it.