Tuesday, June 26, 2012

COA AD479 Final Projects.

At long last the final post about our glass class at College of the Atlantic. Here are images of the final projects that the students made. A wonderfully  imaginative collection of work reflecting all the inspiration and effort that the ten students made manifest this spring. As I am sure you can tell, we were exceptionally pleased to work with this group. Enjoying every hour we had together, in lecture and lab time. It will be fun to watch what the future brings for these clearly artistically (very) awake and "On Center" individuals. 
Enjoy the show! 

In Between 
blown and sand blasted glass, sterling silver, steel 
Mollie Bedick

Blown glass, window glass, found objects, poetry
Andrea Garcia Molina

Blown and sculpted glass graffiti

Marco Accardi

Light Cast
Blown glass, water, wood
Rachel Briggs

Keeping Time Measuring an Abstract
Blown glass, silver leaf, cobalt cullet, fiber, found objects
 Crista Shere

A Troubling of Goldfish
Blown & Kiln worked glass, copper wire, cut glass
Nora Walker

Cross Sections
Blown glass, torch worked glass, hot bit work, copper, found objects
Joslyn Richardson

Eye Candy
Blown glass, torch sculpted found glass, candy
Erica Carey

Built Landscape I & II

Blown, cut, kiln worked glass
site specific installation
Austin Bamford

Mariana Calderon


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JC said...

Wow, this stuff is fantastic. What freedom and fun in these pieces. Well done!