Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gathering 'round the fires of a glass studio.

Maine gifted and talented HS students enjoy a glass blowing demonstration .

This winter has been one of record gatherings in the studio. We have offered our beginning glass blowing class, some one day workshops, and glass blowing demonstrations for  a record number of community groups. WOW how did that happen?! Well it has been a long held dream to create an educational and events based component to the studio space we inhabit here at Atlantic Art Glass.
Seems Folks really do like to gather round the fire! As we have shared our work with folks through exhibitions and sales-  the inevitable question rises in the conversation, "How do you do that."? Well in our space (although rather primitive) we can invite folks to watch us blow glass. This naturally leads to folks asking to try it, which lead to our first glass blowing classes. We have been offering winter glass blowing classes for over 5 years. We have inspired a burgeoning group of glass artists in this area. We are committed to fostering their work by making studio space available to them....and others!
Beginning glass blowing class!
Every year our alliances with other artists in the community have grown and they say they have the same experience with the public. As they show their work to the community, they raise curiosity and interest in the "how to" arena.
So we are beginning to offer our space to fine craft artists to teach classes in their medium too. Soon I hope to show you pictures of folks taking other classes here, like metal smithing, black smithing,  printing, photography, and glass fusing, to name a few.
Look how much fun it can be----

Beginning glass blowing class high school student.

Adults enjoying an evening out in the hot shop.

Girl scout troupe 1583 comes in to earn a patch!

Sumner HS students come in for a demonstration.

Brewer HS comes in for a workshop.

Brewer HS workshop includes some hot glass sculpting!
Brewer HS also had a glass fusing lesson.
The administration of this endeavor is a bit daunting. Improving the space to accommodate the various classes, and the public, scheduling artists who have offerings and promoting their classes to the public is our challenge at the moment....But stay tuned- If the rolling stone gathers no moss we are definitely not rolling --we are rocking it here, and gathering momentum every year!!

Brewer HS workshop an example of
cultural enrichment and connections!! 


Nicole said...

Education is such an important part of art. You are creating a group of life long lovers of glass blowing, not only ensuring the art will continue but that you'll keep having new customers as well. Great work!

sinuse jill said...

Great piece of writing, I really liked the way you highlighted some really important and significant points. Thanks so much, I appreciate your work. Good job.

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