Thursday, January 7, 2016

Heart of Glass 2016

Saturdays February 6,13
Approximate time working is about half an hour.
Reservations available after 10am
$40.  CALL 207-664-0222 to sign up!

Type of workshop: Sculpting Hot Glass

Make something really special - a gift from the heart! You will transform molten glass into a small solid heart shaped paperweight with our expert help.This experience allows you to work with hot glass up close, with help from our glassblowers.

You’ll start by choosing the glass colors you want to use in your solid glass heart, and then partner with our professional glassblowers to create it. After applying and heating the colors you will sit at the glass blowing bench and learn how to use the “pucinellas” to shape and swirl the molten glass. When the interior design is complete the glass will be cased in clear crystal, and shaped into its final heart shaped form. Although this is a swift exercise it reveals ancient glass techniques, that are a true wonder to experience. 

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