Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blown Glass Beads, Bead Museum

My Papa's Rose Garden, a collection of beads by Linda Perrin recently reviewed by the Bead Museum in Washington, DC

This summer I answered a call from the American Craft Council web site regarding the Bead Museum requesting a review of the work of contemporary bead artists. We sent in images of our beads. And have been honored to be considered one of the top ten artists making handmade beads from hundreds of applicants in 33 states and 14 countries. Our work was featured at a show this last month. You can read about this in an article in our local paper, the Ellsworth American.

Chosen as one of the top ten by the Bead Museum in Washington,DC.


Come See us this week-end at the Camden, Fall Harbor arts and Crafts Fair Oct 4th and 5th!!

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Meera said...

This is meera..I was moved by the entry on yourselves....
The colors are beautiful and it is so very smooth...
I am a silk painter and artist from India...
I would love to see all the creativity you guys are involved in..
Have a wonderful day