Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Glass Gallery Visitors

The following photos document a few of the good times in the last month. We have had so much fun sharing this 1st month of blogging. We hope you have enjoyed visiting.

This is Chelsea, I have known her since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She did her MDI senior project with me a couple of years ago. Now she is heading into her sophomore year at the university of Maine-Orono. She informs me she made the deans list last year. I am so proud of her. She is quite a special young lady independent and determined, just my kind of gal!
Say hi to your dear grandparents, Ann and Everett!!

This is Joe, he is my next-door neighbor. Recently Joe needed something special for his parents anniversary, we hunted about, and found a very nice oil lamp. In exchange Joe bartered his services and watered the farthest reaches of my garden during the driest days this summer. Then before he took off to see some family in Illinois for a 3 week summer vacation. He and I made a paperweight! I guess he'll have some stories for his older cousin now...

Cherie Magnello is one of my heroes I always wanted to grow up to be like her, ever beautiful and very talented. She has made a number of visits to the studio so far this summer to wipe out my inventory and take our unique blown glass beaded jewelry to Island Artisan's where it has been selling like mad.

And finally our favorite people in the whole world, David and Suzie. These guys have been collecting our glass since before we even had our own glass blowing studio. They are a wonderfully loving couple. They make a mean mac and cheese and always tell great stories....rarely repeating themselves. We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Who's that on the counter in the David + Suzie photo? Looks like an interesting member of the team.

Juana B. Blower