Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camden Summer Craft Show


Here are some pictures from our weekend. Can you say Umbrella!?
Well above are a few ways one could say umbrella, and I like the “pluie” part of the French version. Sounds like how you feel when it’s raining. I don’t just love the new umbrella because of how it sheltered us from the rain but I love it because of how it sheltered us from the sun as well.
Because this week-end we had it all!
Thunderstorms, scorching sun, wind, rumors of hail, and finally more soaking rain on Sunday

But despite all this we had a wonderful weekend, filled with nice people, and abundant sales. In fact some of those biggish vases I had so much fun using my duck billed shears on, were sold to good homes all over the country(NY, West Virginia, and Florida to name a few places).

Plus we got to see our musician friends
Maggi and Pierce of MPE and Hymn for Her They have quite a few gigs planned for the summer including a couple in Europe this August. We started talking about them playing a block party at our place this fall. Stay tuned for that one!

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