Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is Vivian. (She is reading the blog, and sitting on the cool loading dock).
She has just finished her first year at Marlboro college. She came to be a part of the studio last Summer. She courageously brought in a resume even before she graduated from High School. I think she said she wanted to find a position in a "real" art studio, at which point I looked over my shoulder,
"Oh you mean here..." I said.

I remember we needed to e-mail back and forth a couple of times to work out the details. She was very cheerful and I think she used a number of exclamation points. Her e-mail address had something to do with "curly fries".
During her first summer, where she swam instead of sank, we began calling her Vivi, and are pretty sure that with a name like Vivi Rae she'll have it made in the art world. (plus
you should see her portfolio)...

Currently she is a part of this summer's beginning glass blowing class. All the watching she has been doing while helping many hours a week in other parts of the studio have paid off and Vivi has the tempo and grace well suited to glass blowing. In these pictures we marvel at the teeny tiny first jacking of a first gather. Brava!
In the background you see Kindle the fire'll meet her next.

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