Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My nose is cold, yep pretty consistently now, my nose is cold...that is at least it's cold when I am not blowing glass. This small change creates a fierce primal shift in my outlook on life. OCTOBER, the fear season, spooky long shadows appear, and the possessed street light down the street gets to me again. When the evenings are filled with light as they are on so many summer evenings I don't even think about the weird alley, one street over, the one that has a street light that tries to do Morse code.
But on a chilly evening such as this one, as the pumpkins come out to stand gaurd. I remember how on one night while walking Serafina, the light went out as I stepped directly under it. Hmmmm a short in some wiring perhaps, or a timer? I wondered to myself as chills ran up my spine. Later that week we took another jaunt down the alley, a seemingly good place to poop my pooch out, gravel lined, un-trafficked, weed rimmed...But this time Serafina seemed reluctant, something she never is when pulling me along. However we ventured down again, and I began a dialog in my head aimed at the light, vaguely wondering about coincidence or spooks, this time it came ON as I passed under it. My shadow appeared short and disfigured in old mud ruts.....Okay, send good vibes....I turned around and faced it, thinking if there was something ghosty to this thing it could answer me ...I begged the question if it could signal to me, that it was trying to reach out, it went out as fast as my silly question ill formed in my mind....That was last October, I don't go down there any more, the house on the corner of this alley is perpetually for sale, the name of the street is Shady Lane, and it just plain gives me the Willy's. My nose is cold, and the scarcity of planetary petroleum products is not the only thing to be afraid of these days....wooooo

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