Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Roady Trip

Hey guys, we are back from Providence. What a trip, met some real talent from all across New England and was happy to be among a large group of Maine-iacs, making up almost 10% of the show! Lot's of Maine Crafts Guild members as well as some indie artisans from our great state. The best part about the week-end was reconnecting with the Hawkes, dear friends. We reminisced that the last time we were in Providence was at their wedding and now there darling daughter* is almost 15. Thanks for the great hospitality! What fun to be in a compact deeply diverse city, we had vegan food at the Garden Grille, Haute Cuisine at Chez Pascal, got inspired to be funky at Oop Gallery (glad they are selling our work!) and great coffee at Tazza. True inspiration came from a trip to the Chace Center at RISD, where a new exhibit of Chihuly work has opened the newly built space. I was happy to see some brand new pieces, most of the botanical shows I have seen recently featured work more than 15 or years old. The show featured work of some of the early

students of Dale's and I loved the idea of their mutual exploration in glass. One of the first things Dale made his students do according to Michael Glancy was buy a good quality camera....good reminder how important documentation is! Clearly Dale has always been an excellent promoter of glass art. Another show at the RISD art museum was an installation by Beth Lipman.

Beth Lipman
Still Life with Pearls, Antler, and Oysters, 2006

Strange to say but I felt the show was put together especially for me. After You are Gone is the name of the installation, as a glass bubble blower who has made 1000s of decorative blown glass objects I found this commentary on the decorative arts very provocative.....
As a parting note, remember that one's self is one of the most fundamental of all canvases.... Kudos to *Angela for her daring to push the pink loving limits with her new Mohawk!!!

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